Sunday, August 19, 2018


     My friend Ara, yes that one, always tries to find ways in Facebook to get under my skin. I must admit that he is world class at this. For example, for years, he takes jabs at my singing which for the record is quite an easy target. Lately, on any post I make be the topic smallish or benign, he asks if I am going to blog about it and adds #blogworthy. I think the first time he did it, I responded with “already working on it.” Almost every other time, the topic he jabbingly suggested held no interest with me… and he knew that. I do have to thank him for planting the idea of #blogworthy in my head which has turned into this bloggy bit. No doubt, he will take credit for this and provide some humorous zinger in the comments.
     Over the years, people suggest I blog about this subject or that. My cousin David gives me the most and best suggestions. Certainly, others have provided suggestions here and there. I take these suggestions as compliments. The person making the suggestion either feels that they would like to hear my take on the topic or they think the topic fits my particular tone and style of bloggy babbling.
     For the most part, I have not acted on any of the suggestions. Most of the suggestions are good ones. Even some of Ara’s ideas, made in jest, were good ones. Yet, I almost know immediately if a suggested topic is something I will write about. The ones I write about are those that resonate with me. They are something I have already mulled over, and I feel I have something to say on the subject. Others strike my fancy because I want to or need to think about the subject to the point where I have something to say on the matter. When the topic doesn’t resonate, I simply say nothing or mumble something akin to “I’ll think about it” which really means that I am not interested in that at this time.
     Would I have made a bad newspaper reporter because I am basically shunning assignments? Not really. My blog is a labor of love. It is not a job, nor do I get any financial gain from it. Thus, I do not feel that I have a choice about what is #blogworthy. In business, at the university, or when I was a student, I certainly took assignments seriously and cranked them out on-time. Therefore, in this regard, I feel that I can pick and choose.
     Consider my latest blogs. I have written about my love for the music Ara and I play. I have written about it before and I wrote about it again because I had just heard some great musicians perform. I wrote about the closings of Carson’s, Brookstone, and some Sears stores. Why? I am fascinated about the changing retail landscape as e-commerce grows. I even teach a course about it. I also wrote about Turkey and the free-falling Lira against the dollar. Duh… that was a no brainer.
     This blog? Well I already explained that in the first paragraph. Now, I will wait for Ara’s comments and phone call.

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