Sunday, February 11, 2018

An Old Fashioned Winter

This past Wednesday Morning.  Brrrisk!!
     I have talked with friends in Chicago, Detroit, and Boston over the weekend. They are all complaining about the snow. Enough is enough. Not me. Bring it on. I love the four season and that includes a good serious winter.  Therefore, I love it when it is really cold. I love blizzards both during and right after before we dirty up with our cars.
      The past few winters in Chicago have been too warm and with not nearly enough snow. To me, that just makes for a dreary and glum winter. The leaves are off of the trees and everything is brown and grayish. It was not Fall. It was not Spring. And, it certainly was not Winter. It was nether land. It was global warming purgatory.
     An icy arctic blast is necessary. It cleanses the soul. It is a pleasure to get all bundled up and go out into the elements. It is good to be inside writing where it is warm and hearing the wind howl outside. It is what winter is and should be. Add snow to this, and it is perfect!
     Now, I am not wishing it to be so cold that people die from exposure. I do not want it to snow so much that roofs collapse and there are multiple car accidents all the time. But, to me, it is not winter without a couple days, maybe weeks, of single digit temperatures, either plus or minus, and with a few, alright several, blizzards that dump a foot here, six inches there, and perhaps a two footer occasionally.
     This weekend was great. It snowed all weekend, it was cold. I was inside grading and working. I ventured out, took a walk, jumped in my 4Runner and ran errands. It really makes winter more likable when you have the right car and even more so when you have the right boots and clothes. Otherwise, I will admit it, I would probably not be so fond of winter myself.
     I do teach at a university and there are students, mostly young men, who refuse to wear a coat or put on long pants. This winter, I am seeing very few dressing for summer. I like to wear winter boots, coats, gloves, scarves, and hats. Sure, I eventually get weary of them. When? Just about when Spring starts. So, it's all good.
     I was in California over the holidays. I was wearing shorts and t-shirts. I won’t lie, I enjoyed it. It was nice. The whole time I was there, it was really cold in Chicago. Everyone I talked to, texted, or emailed said “don’t come back. Stay where you are. It is freezing here.” I know they meant well and were a bit envious of where I was. In this case, envy was a two way street. I felt like I was missing out and hoping winter would be there upon me return. I have not been disappointed.
    Give me four seasons and that includes a good old fashioned winter… just like this one.

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