Sunday, April 12, 2015

Chidem Inch - Kim Kardashian in Armenia
     It has been an interesting week in Armenian life. Preparations for April 24th commemorations are being finalized all around the world. Certainly there is anticipation as the day approaches but that is not what made this week interesting. The interesting part is that Kim Kardashian was in Armenia. She was joined by her husband Kanye West, their daughter North, her sister Khloe, her cousins Kara and Kourtni, along with an entourage of bodyguards and staff.
     When they were leaving and enroute to Armenia, Facebook was abuzz with Armenians basically wondering why these folks were going to Armenia. They posted all kinds of negative comments. Kim was called opportunistic, bombastic, and disgusting. What did they expect to get out of this trip? Were they going to make a sham and a mockery out of the commemoration of this solemn and somber commemoration?
     Kim and her sister claimed they were making the trip to honor their heritage and the memory of their father Robert Kardashian. This was not front and center in the minds of most people questioning the value, motive, and integrity of their trip to their ancestral homeland. Some expressed concern that their presence would actually diminish the historical significance of the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.
     Then a funny thing happened.
     The Kardashian entourage were warmly welcomed by the government and people of Armenia. They really were not saying, wearing, or doing things that were so horrible. On the contrary, Armenians came to realize that their motives were exactly what they said they were. Like most Armenians around the world, they were reflecting on this Anniversary and doing what they could to help get recognition and closure. On top of this, they were getting a lot of media coverage about Armenia and the 100th Anniversary.  As a result, the Facebook posts changed from snide and negative to admiration and pride. Go figure.
      I have never been a fan of the Kardashians, nor have I been a detractor. I was amazed that Kim created an entire career out of just being Kim Kardashian. Certainly, she is very pretty and a fashion maven. But, she is not an exceptional singer, actress, or athlete to command such notoriety and celebrity status. Her talent and gift is basically to market herself, her own brand. She is exceptional at that. While others were conflicted her being Armenian. I was mostly neutral about it.
      Everyone is excited and positive about Kim now because she has used her celebrity to get publicity about Armenia and the commemoration that we otherwise gotten. People are thankful and appreciative about her now. That’s pretty cool.
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  1. Yes..
    Perhaps once every 100 years we might put aside all the " I'm better than everybody else because they are all so hopelessly flawed.. especially people I do not know.. " bull shit..

  2. I just read this on Jason Sohigian's FB page:

    Who was it that said this week, "she's been the most important person
    to visit Armenia since Noah." ha ha ha ;^)))

    Might just be true.