Saturday, June 7, 2014

Moxie Magic

      In my May letter, Loogid! Lt. Moxie had a Conniption Fit, I resurrected a word, moxie, based on the soft drink of the same name.  Moxie the drink is about as obscure as moxie the word but, as many scure and obscure things in today's online world, there is a website for it:  I had gotten the history of the soft drink from their website and also noted that they had a Moxie store page where they offered t-shirts, hats, and twelve packs of Moxie in cans.
       Well, I had to buy something.  Oddly, I didn't care about trying the drink.  I neither needed another hat or another t-shirt so I flipped a bitcoin and ordered a hat.  I got it after I posted my e-letter or I surely would have posted a selfie donning the orange ball cap.  Today, June 7th, was the first day I actually wore it.  I woke up, threw on some jeans and an old polo shirt and took my wife's car to get it washed at the dealership that offers such a service.  On the way, I did what my demographic requires I do on a quite lovely spring morning on a Saturday running errands:  I stopped by the local Starbucks for an Americano.

       At both locations, someone thought they knew me.  At the Starbucks, I was walking to my car.  A fellow about my age was getting out of his car which was parked next mine.  The sidewalk was narrow, being a beautiful morning and being in a great mood, I stood aside and let him pass.  He looked at me as he walked by in a way that made me turn in his direction as he passed.  He stopped and asked "do I know you?"  I said "No, I don't think so."  He responded, "It was that you stopped, were wearing sunglasses, and had a big smile, I thought I might know you."  I relied, "No, I was just letting you pass and am in a great mood this lovely morning.  That is why I am smiling."

      At the car dealership, a nice lady probably half my age plus seven, if you know what I mean, came up to me and said, "How are you doing Ed?"  Ed?  "I am doing great, but I am not Ed.  My name is Mark."  "Your not Ed Howe?"  "Nope."  We exchanged a few more pleasantries about what a handsome fellow this Ed must be.  Then I went into the showroom to look at and sit in cars I cannot afford.

       I have certainly had my share of being mistaken for someone else.  It happens at about the same rate that I mistake others for someone I think I know.  It happens but it is a rare occurrence.  What has me writing about it, is that it happened twice today within half an hour.  That has never happened to me before nor do I expect it again any time soon.  

      This certainly got me thinking.  What was it about today?  Jeans, polo shirt, Starbucks in hand, sunglasses and a ball cap?  Nothing unique or really different here.  Because of the beautiful weather and my biorhythms, I was in a great mood and couldn't help but have a big goofy smile on my face.  Maybe that was it.
      Then it struck me.  It was the Moxie hat.  I was wearing the Moxie hat and was no doubt channeling their slogan:  Either you've got it or you don't.  Today, apparently, I had it or had something.  Maybe there is something to this moxie thing.  Maybe being aware of it allows ones inner moxie, which may well be unique to each of us, shine.  Something was certainly going on today.  Maybe my old friend and colleague, Jack, was right about moxie.

      I wonder... do they have mojo hats?

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