Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014

It is a quiet New Year's Eve.  The days of going out and performing at New Year's Eve Dances are either behind me or in a lull that feels like they are long behind me.  

It is funny that even in the heyday of playing every New Year's Eve, we used to call it amateurs' night.  It is more laughable now than it was years ago.  In our twenties and thirties, we thought we were such world class partiers.  We weren't.  At least I wasn't.  We did have fun and the fun was, for me, primarily because we were playing music. 

There is a trend that I have noticed to have lower key New Year's Eves.  When I was growing up it seemed like almost everyone went out.  Hotels and restaurants advertised New Year's Eve galas throughout all of December.  I believe every Armenian church had New Year's party.  it was an important night on the social calendar.  People got dressed up and went out.

A quick Google of this hypothesized New Year's Eve trend and voila... confirmation that I am again stating the obvious.  There were several postings of the same article:  Staying in is the new going out this New Year's Eve.
According to a survey by American toy company Hasbro, for the second year running, the majority of Americans will find themselves at home when the clock strikes midnight, with 79 percent of women and 76 percent of men shunning a night out.
I guess Hasbro conducted the survey to sell more games to stay at home revelers.  Don't they make Twister? 

The article made it seem like a tend that is just taking place this year.  I have sensed it for years.    Since 2001, we have mostly been part of this trend.  75-80% of the people staying at home this year did not happen overnight.  It has to be the result of a thirty year trend.

How did we spend our New Years?  We got some take out ribs and went to Judy's Mom's house and had dinner.  It was very good.  We Face Timed with the Gavoors of Washington DC and the Kapamajian's of Pasadena.  We also talked to the Gavoors of  Livonia, MI.  We came home and fired up our new Apple TV and Netflix.  When we stay home for New Year's Eve, Judy likes to watch Fred Astaire movies.  She was kind of hoping for Top Hat but Netflix seems to cater more to newer films and stars than older ones.  There was only Fred Astaire movie and it was the 1955 Daddy Long Legs with Leslie Caron.  After that she felt like a Cary Grant.  There were five movies starring Cary Grant which is more than the Fred Astaire offering but further evidence that Netflix does not favor old movies.  We chose Charade with Audrey Hepburn

Tomorrow, or rather later today, there is football.  I am only interested in the Rose Bowl which pits Michigan State against Stanford.  My daughter and son in-law will be at the game.

It is a cold Chicago night.  It is a frigid 8 degrees Fahrenheit and snowing.  It is a perfect night for staying home and ushering in the New Year by watching old movies and blogging.   

Wishing that  2014 is a healthy, happy, and prosperous year to you and yours.

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  1. Happy New Year!!! May 2014 bring you more Love, Peace, and Happiness than you already possess; and a prosperous year for you!