Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Stupider the Betterer

It is a Tuesday night at 11 pm.  I got home at 9 pm dragging my butt a bit from the amount of work facing me.  I had a little bite to eat and actually got some work done.  I sat down to do my daily writing.  My wife had fallen asleep watching a rerun of The Golden Girls.  Yes.  I could change the channel and watch something that would make the writing go faster and perhaps even take the edge off.  Funny, some people would have a drink to take the edge off.  Here I am counting on the several hundred channels of Comcast to provide something between The Golden Girls and a slug of Johnny Walker Black on the rocks.

What to watch?  I grabbed the remote and deftly surfed my favorite channels and voila, in a matter of less than fifteen seconds, I found it.  Bingo.  Yeah baby, that's what I'm talking about.  The day took a serious upturn.  I found a Harold and Kumar movie.  This one is Escape from Guantanamo.  The first Harold and Kumar was stupid.  This, the second one, is even stupider.  It is exactly what the doctor ordered tonight.  It kind of made my day.  For me, there is nothing like the perfect idiotic movie or TV show to make me laugh out loud and, in general, feel better about things.    The only thing that could have fit the bill better would have been some Three Stooges shorts.  Heck, I did not even mind that this Harold and Kumar movie was on a channel with commercials.  I write more during the commercials.

My daughter, in recent visits, would come and sit by me while I was watching a movie.  She would say pretty close the same thing each time, "This movie is really stupid.  How do you find these things?  No one can find stupid movies like you can"  I don't really know, it is a gift I guess.  I watch the Stooges.  I watch Seinfeld.  I watch movies like Idiocracy, The Brother from Another Planet, and a seemingly endless variety of movies put on TV just to make me laugh.  

I remember when the first Harold and Kumar came out.  The advertisement sang to me like one of Homer's Sirens.  I was sure it was going to be a major cult film.  I thought these guys were going to be the Cheech and Chong of the new millenia.  I was wrong.  I was probably the biggest fan of the moronic film.  I could not have been that wrong... they did make two sequels.

Why do I like "stupit" movies?  Why do I like slapstick physical humor?  I have no clue.  It goes back as long as I can remember.  I loved Lunch with Soupy Sales when I was as young as five.  I was addicted to the Stooges.  My mother even banned my from watching the Stooges in first grade simply because she was gravely and justifiably concerned I was well on my way of being a member of their Amalgamated Association of Morons local six and seven-eighths.  I am not sure if that was the case but Soupy and the Stooges just made me laugh... out loud and a lot.

Well my writing is complete.  The day is done.  Thanks Harold.  Thanks Kumar.  Say goodnight Gracie.

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